Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Living Social

If you have been thinking about trying Ashtanga Yoga with us at The Yoga Shala in Winter Park, Florida - today is the day to do it! For today only, you can purchase a month of unlimited classes ($160.00 value), or our beginner series for ONLY $39.00. This is a very inexpensive way to check out The Yoga Shala, our programs, classes, and boutique. Time is limited so be sure to go to Living Social's website to snag your deal! You will be glad you did!

Here a just a couple things some students have to say about The Yoga Shala:

I want you to know that I am so grateful for my new found personal practice. I wouldn't have it without the Ashtanga Vinyasa Mysore method, you and The Shala. It has been an amazing gift to my life....a gift that will keep on giving :) You truly are wonderful. I look forward to a long future of learning from you. Thank you thank you thank you.
Always, Heather

I am a 56 year-old man who, on most days, can touch my toes without bending my knees, do a backbend when I really want to, stand on my head when properly motivated, and very occasionally, when I am feeling particularly limber and lucky, get into Lotus position. I could not do all of these things when I was 48 and began practicing Ashtanga Yoga. That I can do them at all is largely a testament to Krista Shirley's patience and extreme talent as a teacher. The thing I find most appealing about Krista as a teacher is her ability to teach, and relate at a deep level to, not only the students for whom yoga is more a lifestyle and a life philosophy, but also the students like me – 56 years old but not looking a day older than say 54 – for whom yoga is not a lifestyle or a philosophy, but instead a form of exercise, albeit a wonderful and ever-intriguing form of exercise. She teaches in such a way that, no matter where the student is on the yoga spectrum – beginner, seasoned veteran, dedicated lifer, or a duffer like me – they want to keep coming to class, and want to keep learning more from this wonderfully gifted teacher and friend.

- Ed F.

I just want to tell you the shala is a wonderful, welcoming, warm place and I cherish the opportunity to study with you and the other instructors!

Namaste ,


What a wonderful way to start the day! Thank you for your time and attention this morning. It's amazing to have all that great breathing in one room, and amazing to see all those people practicing on their own...together. You're doing good work!
- Jeanne K.

Dear Krista,

Thank you for making my yoga practice so enjoyable. You really know how to instill confidence and motivate your students. You have great karma. Namaste.

- Pat

I am particularly fascinated with the mysore method . I only wish I had learned this way from the outset instead of in led classes and I would love to learn more about it.

- Chris

The Yoga Shala is a rare find when it comes to yoga studios. It has the perfect balance of community and personal practice. Krista helped me build a personalized practice that not only fit my schedule, but my lifestyle.

- Nikki

Krista is a knowledge powerhouse when it comes to the Mysore method. As I was in the beginning stages of my practice, she spent time with me making sure that I thoroughly understood everything.

-Billy M

I've been going to The Yoga Shala for about 6 months and my practice has improved dramatically. I have more energy and my concentration and focus have been positively impacted.


Krista is a great mentor when it comes to my practice. She's friendly, helpful and makes you feel comfortable. I really liked that The Yoga Shala community is welcoming of newcomers and always willing to help.

- Kelly

Practice was great today , you really are very very good at what you do and I am blessed to have found you and the shala!


Since I started going to the yoga shala, my practice has become one of the best parts of my day. While my health has improved, its also helped me focus on whats important to me, and I really enjoy the dedication of the community at the Yoga Shala. It's different from other yoga studios because the practice is very personal, and I like practicing with people who are so dedicated to the traditional form of ashtanga yoga.

- Benjamin

I chose the Yoga Shala because the Mysore program really makes the yoga practice YOUR practice. Mysore allows you, the practitioner, to completely own your own practice. If you want to work on a asana, hold the pose longer, repeat the pose to get a deeper understanding you can. It's your practice. You can move at your own pace, thus getting the most out of your practice. The instructors are there to guide and assist you but you are responsible for your own practice. This makes the practice more personal and infinitely more fulfilling.

- Mike M.

Since I have been coming to the Yoga Shala, I have only seen positive changes in myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. The Yoga Shala teaches you that yoga is not just about the postures, but an exploration of your inner self. Through the Mysore style I am discovering self-discipline, humility, focus, and inner strength. Because of my experience at the Yoga Shala, I have now made my yoga practice a lifetime journey.

- Stephanie Z.

The Yoga Shala is the best place to begin a lifetime practice in Ashtanga yoga. My experience at the Shala has been nothing short of miraculously transformative. Sati was the first person I talked to at the shala and she immediately welcomed me and right away I felt a connection with place. I started my first week and I met Krista in a morning class (They have classes all throughout the day which really helps with a crazy schedule... amazing!) and I felt that she understood my fears of trying to do anything at all. The staff is very supportive and informative and they help your mind and your body connect. You might walk out of there with sore muscles you didn't know existed, but you'll still be feeling fresh, vibrant and alive. My life had dramatically changed since I started my practice at the Shala, almost one year ago. I recommend anyone, no matter who you are, if you are interested in yoga you need to take one full week at the Shala. It's only the beginning.

- Dennie

To me the ashtanga practice is a spiritual one. The fact that's it happens to be physical exercise I've managed to stick with for over a year is a side benefit (and also a miracle - as i'm a couch potato). In these changing times, a regular spiritual practice is highly important and I've found ashtanga yoga to be one of the most fullfilling for me on all levels. It's a spiritual practice expressing through the physical body which is ideal as all aspects of the self are integrated; as opposed to just doing 40 day meditation practices or breath work. the ashtanga practice is fast become the main daily priority that I consicously choose, not just some random exercise routine I 'have' to go do. Attending the Shala helps me keep the practice on track and helps me progress.

- Emily L.

I started with a little apprehension as I felt this style a little too aggressive to what I am used to. I really liked the structure and the yoga instructors here are excellent. You have done a excellent job with the center.

- Madhu