Monday, March 02, 2009

Buget Concerns Force States to Reconsider Death Penalty

Budget Concerns Force States to Reconsider Death Penalty

Happy Tuesday!

I just returned from a wonderful Yoga Practice. I'm extremely grateful for today's practice too b/c Sunday and Monday's practice was really painful, really challenging....I'm on day three of the Master Cleanse and I feel like I'm finally beginning to regain some energy! I opted to do this cleanse right after the liver cleanse in order to get rid of any leftover toxic bile from my system. I've been fasting pretty much since Friday and very much look forward to food again in a few days.

Energy wise, yesterday was by far the worst day for me - I had absolutely no energy in my body. But funny thing, by 9pm last night I was BOUNCING with much so i couldn't go to sleep last night. Interesting....I plan to do this cleanse through Sunday - which is the day I begin my travels home. I don't fly out of Delhi til after midnight Monday morning and I'll take Monday as my day to juice - i.e. slowly ween from the cleanse and fast. And I'll be good and ready for a nice healthy meal when I get home Monday afternoon.
In other news ;) there was conference on Sunday! It was actually my favorite ever! Sharath talked at length about the importance of your daily asana practice; get on your mat each day. Especially if you have a self practice, you need this practice to help you keep balance and grounding in your life. It will help us find a closer relationship to God, to the Universe. He spoke about how his own practice is just as intense now as it was years ago when he didn't have all the responsibilities he has today. He said it is his two hours to focus on his breathe and create a moving meditation - he doesn't think about his family or students while he is practicing. He thinks about the breathe only. Sharath talked alot about how this practice is one of meditation, do not allow your mind to think while you are doing your yoga - be with yourself at that moment.

Sharath said quite a lot of insightful things during conference on Sunday - but all in all the theme was that this practice is so special, so sacred, such an incredible gift - let us never take it for granted - regardless of your circumstances, if you practice alone or with a teacher, find the discipline to get on your mat each day - let it be an important part of your life - like brushing your teeth, taking a shower - let it be with you each day and change you slowly slowly into a more sincere version of yourself!

Sunday, March 01, 2009


Today is my day after the Liver Cleanse and I am feeling much better than yesterday ;) I am starting the Master Cleanse today - to sort of help get rid of an excess bile and gallstones that were produced from the Liver Cleanse....If you are interested in doing either cleanse let me know and I can give you more information.

I didn't know what to expect with practice today as I haven't eaten much the last few days. I can say it was really difficult practice today but am hopeful it will get easier from here.

I am off now to be a 'body' for Kumar and one of his students - getting a free massage - oh yeah baby!

Sharath didn't say there wasn't conference today so I'm assuming there is - gonna go straight from massage to conference this afternoon. But you do know what they say about people who assume things :) If there is indeed conference today I'll be sure to give you the scoop this evening!

Education Chief Favors Longer School Year

Very Interesting Article I wanted to share. The Education Chief favors a longer school year. Something that I remember being talked about when I was in school, but it looks like it may actually happen soon.....hmmm