Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hey hey, happy Wednesday! I enjoyed the most wonderfully refreshing weekend in London with my friends Jake and Helen. Enjoyed some warmer weather, great yoga, time with good friends, much needed sleep, and some good sights. Here are a couple pictures from the weekend.....

What time is it? GMT baby!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My House in Edinburgh

Happy Sunday everyone! It is a little after ten pm here in Edinburgh and I just returned from an AWESOME gymnastics class :) - I actually took some pictures of it tonight and will try and upload them this week and post for you to see.....
Tonight though I'm gonna fulfill a promise I made to Mrs. Nicole weeks ago and finally post some pictures of my house here in Edinburgh. If you remember I was living in a flat in Morningside til the 20th of September and then moved into my friend Hugh's Moms house in Marchmont. Initially it was only gonna be for a month til I could move into the place I found right on the royal mile - I had paid a deposit on that High Street flat of 350 pounds and was set to move in on the 2oth of October. When I moved into this house in Marchmont I immediately fell in love with my roommate/landlady Caroline and the house in general. So I contacted Susan, my soon to be landlady/roommate (TWO DAYS AFTER PAYING MY DEPOSIT) to let her know I was gonna stay put where I was til I left in December and see when we could meet to get my deposit back - well she said she'd be out of town for sometime and would have to mail me a check - which she did - but that check bounced - and she will not return my calls....So she basically STOLE 350 pounds from me, or what would be $609.00 - Really bummed me out BADLY for a few weeks but I know that Karma is a BITCH and she will get some unpleasant Karma in return in the future - so I have let that go - put it out into the Universe to take care of it for me....

Anyway, I am forever grateful for Caroline and the place I am now living - and even more grateful to have realized before I ever moved into the High Street flat that that was not a place I would have been happy living. Caroline is really sweet, she has a lovely lil dog, and her son is my friend :) Here are some pictures of the house that I am super lucky to call home til the end of December....

Dublin, Ireland

Jameson Distillery Tour - Did Whiskey taste test :)

Me and the Sash!

That's me golden taste test ticket! After the tour a chosen few get to taste Scottish, American, and Irish Whiskey to see which is better - then if you select the best choice they give you a free drink and a nifty little certificate - this was after I'd already downed two Jameson and Cokes!!

Why, you may wonder, do I look like I'm having so much more fun than Sasha???? Well she couldn't drink - so I had to drink enough for the both of us! That's WHY!

The Gaol aka Jail

Why don't you just WOK INN - HA ha ha ha ha...

Ah, look at our little Green Bus - zee hop on and off day tour that only got more fun after the Jameson Distillery tour :) - wink wink :)

Upsetting as it is, we missed the Guinness tour - was due to our extended stay at the Jameson Distillery - but come on....the tours end at 5pm on Friday man! There is only so much Krista can consume so early in the day you know!

Look familiar - wonder whom took from whom.......

This was at the VERY beginning of our tour - don't I look sotally tober? I was!

I flew back to Edinburgh yesterday afternoon and Sasha flew back to Florida. I was really sad when she left and feel quite lonely now that she is gone - but I super grateful she took the time to come visit. We had a blast while she was here in Edinburgh - poor thing got drug here there and yonder with me while I taught a full on schedule of classes Monday through Wednesday...But she hung in there and we had a blast in Dublin - did some yoga, ate TONS of food, enjoyed a lot of lazy relaxing in the gorgeous hotel room, and just spent time together. She couldn't drink on this trip (hope you don't mind girl :) - b/c she is gonna be a mama!!!! That's right my dear friend Sasha is about eleven weeks pregnant. I can't believe the next time I see her she will be large as a house :)
Miss you Sasha!